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The Awareness Foundation was founded in 2003 by The Revd Nadim Nassar. The Foundation, a registered charity in England & Wales (No 1099873) & in the United States of America “TFCC America” 501 (c) (3), is an international humanitarian charity driven by Christian values which builds peace through education and training.  Our three core programmes, LITTLE HEROES and AMBASSADORS FOR PEACE & PAX, aim to fulfill the Values and Objectives of the Awareness Foundation.

Inspiring Little Heroes

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Fadi’s Story

Fadi was one of the many displaced children who come to us for help.

His family had lived in a part of Syria which had been taken over by fundamentalists. We can only imagine what horrors this little boy had seen in his home town, and what he encountered on his long and dangerous journey to the relative safety of Lattakia.


Lisa’s Story

When we started Little Heroes in Lattakia in 2015, Lisa was one of many displaced children who came to take part. Like each of her peers, Lisa had her own story to tell, but she needed love, time and patience before she would be ready to share it with us.

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Shadi’s Story

As part of the Little Heroes programme, we help children to discover their hidden talents – such as crafts, art, drama, sport, music or writing.

One young boy attending our programme for the very first time was Shadi; he was 9 years old, and he has known nothing in his short life but war, deprivation and despair.

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The Awareness Foundation Worldwide

Although based in the UK, we work around the world, supported by many volunteers and well-wishers.

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