Facing Faith

Facing Faith is a recent initiative of the Awareness Foundation that brings together community and faith leaders from different religions and cultures to discuss ideas and share their thoughts on how to promote better understanding and respect among the diverse communities that live alongside each other in cities and towns around Great Britain. Each event helps faith and community leaders to enable local communities to decide upon effective joint activities and programmes for the future. These are not ‘typical inter-faith activities’. The essential focus of Facing Faith is not the day itself, but the weeks, months and years that follow.

Facing Faith is the key vehicle through which we strive to replace insecurity and ignorance with awareness, and to turn the cycle of fear and hostility that often surrounds religious and cultural differences into one of understanding and meaningful dialogue.

We will be holding ‘Facing Faith’ days in major cities across the UK. Where possible, these will be held in partnership with a major place of worship or interested organisation in the area, such as a cathedral, a major mosque, another organisation or a local authority. Religion is seen by many as part of the problem in our society; we believe that religion must be part of the solution!