Media & Interfaith

Media: Working with TV, Radio, Print and Websites

We are very happy to provide interviewees and panellists for TV and radio. Awareness Foundation representatives have been featured on BBC News, BBC Radio 4 (including This Morning and the Sunday programme), BBC World Service, BBC Local Radio, CNN, Sky News, Premier Radio, Press TV, Sahar TV, BBC Arabic, Aluhlbayt TV, Al Hiwar and many others.


The Revd Nadim Nassar has been a guest blogger on the Daily Telegraph website and he has contributed articles to many newspapers and perodicals, including The Guardian.


The media should contact us on 020 7730 8830 or 07961 968 193.

Other Faiths: Building bridges of Respect and Understanding


We have built fruitful partnerships with a large number of organisations that represent other faiths, including the Al-Khoei Foundation, Tikun, Abrar Islamic Foundation, The Woolf Institute, The Islamic Unity Society and The Ismaili Centre.